Smash Karts

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The playing rules of Smash Karts

Join the battle with other players

Smash Karts is a competitive driving game that allows you to battle with other players. Let's drive your kart around the arena and kill your rivals.

Are you seeking a multiplayer game in which you and your friends can have fun together? This game is the best choice. In this game, you can select between four game modes. They are Free For All, Gem Collector, Capture The Flag, and Hat Holder. In each game mode, you need to complete different missions.

  • Free For All: This mode requires you to join the battles between many players from all over the world. Let's jump into your kart and collect powerful weapons in the arena. These weapons are hidden in the loot boxes scattered in the arena. However, you need to watch out for fake loot boxes. These loot boxes are considered to be traps that will make you die if you drive into them. One way to distinguish between fake and real loot boxes is to look at the symbols on them. The fake loot box has the skull symbol while the real loot box has the quest symbol. You must look carefully and grab the real loot boxes to get strong weapons. Use these weapons to assassinate as many enemies as possible. The battle will end when there is only one standing man. Can you become the last survivor of the battle?
  • Gem Collector: As its name suggests, the main target in this mode is to collect gems. There are 10 gems scattered in the arena. Moreover, the allotted time of the battle is more than 2 minutes. Your need to gather more gems than your enemies before the time is over.
  • Capture The Flag: Your mission in this mode is to capture the flag and take it to your base. Note that your enemies also want to do the same thing. Therefore, you must prevent them from grabbing the flag at all costs. The winner is the one who can hold the flag until the battle ends.
  • Hat Holder: It is a new game mode that is added in version 1.4.0. When choosing this mode, you need to find and pick the hat up in the arena. After getting the hat, you need to find a way to hold it. Other players in the arena will attack you to steal your hat. They are allowed to use weapons while you cannot. Therefore, you need to be careful. Drive your kart as fast as possible to escape from them and evade their attacks.

No matter which game mode you select, you can be rewarded with many coins and experience points after winning a battle in a game mode. These coins and experience points are really important, so you should accumulate as many coins and experience points as possible to level up. Whenever your level rises, you will claim a ticket.


Press WASD or arrow keys to drive your kart.

Press Space to fire weapons.

More things you can do in Smash Karts

Customize your character and karts

In addition to participating in exciting battles, you also need to customize your character and kart. The shop in this game sells a variety of characters, accessories, and karts. You can use the coins you earn to purchase your favorite ones. Moreover, you can unlock new characters, accessories, and karts by increasing your level. Besides, this game offers a claw machine. In this claw machine, there are many balls containing rare characters, accessories, and karts. You can use the tickets that you earn to play this claw machine. Try to aim accurately and grab one of the balls to get a random character, accessory, or kart.

Invite your friends to play with you

As this game features multiplayer, you can invite your friends or relatives to play with you. Copy your account ID and send it to your friends. Your friends need to enter your account ID to search for your account and add new friends. If you want to have fun with your friends, you can create a private room. When creating the private room, you are allowed to choose the game mode, round format, round timer, team, bot, weapon, the number of players, and arena. After that, you need to copy the room link and room name and share them with your friends. Try your best to defeat your friends and get the first rank on the leaderboard.

Reasons that Smash Karts attracts you

Many maps

Until now, this game has had 14 maps. They are Smash Island, Gravel Pit, Steky's Speedway, The Graveyard, Slick 'n Slide, Smash Fort, Sky Arena: Dropzone, Sky Arena: Pinball, Sky Arena: Showdown, Sky Arena: Tunnels, Smash Fort CTF, Sky Arena: Temples, Graveyard CTF, and Lava Pit. Each map has a distinct terrain, obstacles, and features. For example, the Lava Pit map is full of lava pools. If you unexpectedly fall into the lava pool, you will die. Meanwhile, in the Sky Arena: Showdown map, you can see many giant columns and high walls. In the Graveyard map, there are many headstones and dried trees. Moreover, there is a river on the Graveyard map. Falling into the river will lead to your death, so you need to be careful. In the Smash Fort CTF, you need to drive your kart to race on the stunt racetrack.

Many special events

On special occasions, this game introduces many special events. If you sign in to the game and join these events, you will get an opportunity to obtain beautiful characters, karts, and accessories. For example, in the Carnival event, you can get the character called Bom Carnival. Otherwise, the reward for Valentine's event is two pink characters. In the Christmas event, you will claim many valuable rewards such as 2 new characters, one new hat, and 4 toppers. It is interesting, right? Why don't you sign in and play this game every day to experience interesting things in this game? Do not miss any special events to get surprising gifts.