Sushi Party

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Are you ready to participate in the multiplayer snake game, called Sushi Party? In this online game, your snake food is sushi with an endless number. Sushi is an important item for all players to gain impressive achievements!

The Role Of Sushi

In Sushi Party, sushi is food for all the snakes. Snakes need to eat sushi to increase their length and size. In addition, your ranking can also increase based on these sushi. Therefore, collecting sushi is always a necessary task for all players. There are two main ways for you to enjoy Sushi Party!

Free Sushi On The Map

Sushi is located everywhere on the Sushi Party map. These sushi are diverse and bring you different values. To collect them, you just need to come close and eat them. After eating, you can move to another location and eat sushi continuously.

Sushi From Sushi Party Competition

Another sushi is from the competition of snakes. The snakes will be destroyed if they crash into other snakes. Then, at that location, they will leave a large amount of sushi. This second food source is more valuable than free sushi. As a result, your snake can grow and get a higher rank faster.

Customize Sushi Party Snake

Your snake is white by default in this online game. To customize your snake, you can choose the color and number of colors. In addition to changing color, you can also add more color so that multiple colors can appear on your snake.

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