Block Post

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What appealing of Block Post

The rules

The fiery arena is waiting for you in Block Post. When joining the game, you must defeat all enemies to win and get many coins to boost your weapons.

Perhaps there will not be any more intense battles than the ones in this game. Have you ever participated in the top shooting screen? If you are looking for a game that can meet your needs, you can choose this game.

In this game, you will fight to be the winner. You need to beat other opponents to survive. The only way to remove them from the fight is to shoot them down. You must do that before they do. Aim properly and shoot fast to eliminate opponents. They are all other online players. They have top-notch shooting skills. So, if you want to dominate in this game, you must train to become a master in the game. Are you ready for this battle?

After each battle, you will receive coins. The more opponents you defeat, the more bonus points you get. They can be utilized to improve your weapon. In Inventory, there are a lot of unique weaponry on exhibit. You can purchase them with gold money.


WASD to move.

The left mouse button to shoot.

Some game modes in Block Post

Team Deathmatch

This mode allows you to fight in teams. You need to cooperate with others to become the strongest army. If you don't want to lose, your team is forced to destroy all opponents first. If your team's pixel count is completely defeated, you lose. You can invite your friends and establish an outstanding team.

Sniper Arena

In this arena, you need to fight alone to defeat the others. It can be said that this is the fiercest arena in the game. You can only rely on yourself to complete the task. If you are a newbie, the risk of you being eliminated from the ring is very high. So practice until you become the master of this game.

Bomb Mode

If you want to enter the match with smart strategies then you should choose this last mode. It allows you to fight other enemies and you can also trap them. You use bombs to eliminate multiple enemies at once. Be flexible strategies to be able to earn a lot of coins.