Geometry Dash SubZero

4 votes 4.6/5

Geometry Dash SubZero is a winter version of the Geometry Dash series with a significant 1-star Press Start level. Continue to jump into a new geometry world! Are you ready to immerse into the winter world in this subzero version?

Geometry Dash SubZero Theme

This online game is inspired by winter when snowflakes fall and the weather becomes cold. When participating in this version, you will see sparkling snowflakes on the obstacles. You can also see a thin layer of snow on the blocks. Every image reminds me of a cold winter. In particular, players can move to an ice room with many blocks. Every design becomes more impressive with a winter theme.

How To Play

The gameplay of this Geometry Dash SubZero game is similar to the original Geometry Dash version with basic gameplay. Your geometry character will move automatically and you just need to press the up arrow button to jump over obstacles. These obstacles will damage geometry, so avoid them at all costs.

During movement, your character can transform and become a new geometry. For example, you can switch from Cube to Ship to fly in the air and perform graceful flights. The way to control new characters is similar to the previous characters.