Getting Over It

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About Getting Over It

The playing rules

Blow your mind with Getting Over It which is an arcade climbing game. Use your mouse to control your cat to go from this area to another area.

If you want to find a game to challenge yourself and release stress, this game is suitable for you. In the game, you will transform into a cat. Your goal is to guide your to move from this area to another one. You just can move with a hammer. Control the hammer to lift up or lift down to get over all the obstacles. The more you play, the higher terrain will be. You have to keep balance and take advantage of the terrain to move easily. The background and terrain in the game also change following the level. You need to beat the game quickly to get a high rank. Try to beat the game in a short time to rank in a high position on the leaderboard. If you are finding a game to enjoy in your free time, Bubble Witch Saga is a good choice for you.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Noteworthy things about Getting Over It

All the terrain

In this game, you will have several terrains such as platforms, fruits, food, vehicles, pieces of stuff, animals, balls, clothes, the Christmas tree, and so on. Each terrain will have its own characteristic and difficulty. Try your best to get over all of them. If you finish a terrain, you can move to the next terrain. In some terrains, you will have some instruction numbers to guide you. Follow it to move to the next destination.

The leaderboard in the game

In the leaderboard, you can see a list of the 25 strongest and fastest people. You can see their name and the time which they used to win the game. Try your best to rank a high score and position in this leaderboard.