Xmas Mahjong

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Xmas Mahjong has thousands of tiles with beautiful Christmas images. Match these images in standard pairs to complete all levels with limited time.

Online Xmas Game

Welcome to Xmas Mahjong, an online game for this Christmas with mahjong tiles. Although there are many mahjong games like Mahjong Classic, this new game is the top choice because Christmas is coming.

In the gaming world, there are many themes such as entertainment, action, festivals, decorations, and beauty. Christmas is coming so Christmas-related games are increasingly a hot trend for online players.

How To Play Xmas Mahjong

Inspired by mahjong games, this new game features familiar tile-matching gameplay.

The Tile-Matching Gameplay

Xmas Mahjong gameplay requires players to connect two identical tiles to remove them. It means you need to connect two identical Christmas images to meet the requirements of this online game.

In addition, not all tiles are clickable. You can only select tiles on the outer edge where they are not blocked by other tiles.

Xmas Mahjong Features

The first feature is the time limit to remove all mahjong tiles. Each level only has a certain amount of time to complete, so players of Xmas Mahjong also need to race against time.