Cats Drop

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Welcome to the Cats Drop game, a new online game with a cute cat line. Endless cute cats at different levels are ready for you to merge and create a giant cat.

Cat-Related Games

Adorable cats are no longer strangers in the gaming world. Players can experience many cat-related games on our website.

For example, you can participate in the Buffy Cat game to pop balloons. Cats are inherently attracted to round balls, so balloons are always the priority object of these kittens.

Another cat game is Trap The Cat. Unlike Cats Drop, this online game only has a black cat that is about to run away. Place appropriate bricks to prevent the black cat from escaping.

Play Online Cats Drop Game

This online game is an endless game with interesting cat-merging gameplay.

Cat-Merging Gameplay

In Cats Drop, you can merge 2 same cats together to create a new cat. The new cats are larger in size and cuter in appearance. The more cats you merge, the more points you get.

However, with the increasing number of cats, your playing space will become less and less. You need to avoid letting a cat falls out of the specified space because this Cats Drop game will end. That's why power-ups are provided to Cats Drop players.

Cats Drop Power-Up

You can use a basic power-up that allows you to change the next cat. In addition, you can follow the cat line and cat hint to create your own strategies.