Trap The Cat

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Why do you know Trap The Cat

Embark on one of the most addictive puzzle games which is Trap The Cat. Block the path of the cat with a brick and don't let them escape your trap.

If you are a cat lover, what about cat-related games? In this game, a mischievous cat is in your land. Let's catch it. You need to predict the movement of the cat. Then, place a hexagonal brick to block its path. Note that when you put a brick down, the cat will run in the other direction. Expand the range of your cat trap and then, narrow it down to make it easier to catch. Don't let this cat escape from your trap. If it exits the board, you will lose. You win when your cat has no way out. You can reset the game when you get stuck. Finally, why don't you bring this mischievous cat to your home? Between you and the cat, who will be smarter?

Some things you need to know about Trap The Cat

Tactics to beat the game

  • Firstly, let's catch the cat with a wide range. You can then narrow the scope to re-enclose the cat. The cat can only jump one step, so you need to move faster than it. If you zone near the cat, it will easily slip through.
  • Secondly, don't focus too much on building barriers on one side. To build a strong fence for catching cats, you need to build a layer of fence around the cat to avoid creating an escape for the cat.
  • Thirdly, don't corner it near an exit or off the board. It can be easily escaped.

History of the game

The game was released in March 2012 and recently updated in April 2022. It is developed by Gamedesign.jp. You can play it on platforms including desktop and mobile.