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Krunker is a multiplayer fighting game where you are taken to harsh arenas and fight with your weapons. Shooting skills are extremely important in this game.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Multiplayer gameplay is Krunker's main gameplay. When you join this online game, you have the opportunity to fight and compete with other online players from all over the world. Krunker is accessible to all players and starts making new friends with the same passion.

This gameplay is similar to Smash Karts because it also belongs to the multiplayer genre. Players can interact, fight, or cooperate for awesome shooting matches.

Details Of Krunker

This new game has two important elements: arena and weapons.

The Game Battlefield

The Krunker game offers many arenas with different elements of scenery, weather, terrain, and opponents. The arena can change depending on your participation. Besides, after each participation, the game can take you to different locations on the map. Therefore, the arenas seem to be constantly changing for the players.

Krunker's Weapon

Your main weapon is the gun. From the very beginning of Krunker, each player receives a gun. Of course, during the game, you can collect more weapons and other useful items. In addition, don't forget to customize your gun to have a stronger weapon.