Paper.io 2

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Remarkable information about Paper.io 2

The game rules

Paper.io 2 is the sequel of the free online io game which is Paper.io. Move around to expand your areas and kill other players to become the king of your land.

The gameplay of this game will make you interested. Before starting the game, choose your name, the game mode, and the color of your character. There are 7 modes for you to choose from. They include the classic mode, the team mode, the small map mode, the fast speed mode, the world conflict mode, the world map mode, the battle royale mode, and the create-a-party mode. In the game, you need to leave your land to find new areas. Use your mouse to move around and cover the map with your color. Glide through the areas of your enemies to draw a line. Then, quickly turn back your land to zone your territory. During exploring a new land, you need to watch out for your enemies. Be careful and don't let your opponent cut your tail. If your tail was cut by your enemies, you will die. Also, your opponents will die if you can hit their tails. You also can kill yourself by cutting your tail, so you need to be careful. You can get scores after you finish the game. After getting some scores, you can use them to buy new skins. You can try 20 special challenges in the challenge section when you finish all the modes. Try to become the last player and become the king of your territory. This game is expected to become a relaxing and awesome game like Smash Karts which you can not miss.

How to control: Use your mouse or the WASD keys to play

Some tricks and tips to beat the game

  • Don't go too far and too greedy. You may really want to go further to capture more areas. However, you will face the risk of eliminating if you go too far and expose your tail.
  • Try to attack your enemies actively when you see their tails. Tail is a weakness of every player. If they move into their land, it is so hard to recognize. However, if they move out of their territory, it is so easy to find. Therefore, quickly attack them and turn back.
  • You need to move carefully. When you capture big areas, your enemies will take every chance to kill you. Therefore, move carefully to deal with unexpected attacks from your enemies easily.

Fun facts of Paper.io 2

Variety game modes

In this game, you will have 7 modes that you can choose from including the classic paper.io 2 mode, the team mode, the small map mode, the fast speed mode, the world conflict mode, the world map mode, the battle royale mode, and the create-a-party mode. In the first mode, you need to defeat all your enemies to become the last player and win the game. In this mode, you will die if you touch the barrier of the map. In the second mode, you need to support your team to defeat all opponents and capture as many territories as possible to become the victory team. The next mode is the small map mode, this mode is quite similar to the classic mode. However, if you crash into the barrier of the map, you will still be alive. For the fast speed mode, your speed in this mode will be faster. You will have less time to think. You will have the chance to play with many players from around the world. You will represent a country to defeat enemies from other countries. In the world map mode, your goals are to gain as many locations on the world map as possible to defeat others. About the battle royale mode, you will have the chance to see your map and your enemies before the battle. Then, try to defeat them in the ruled time. In the last mode, you can invite your friend to play with you at this party.

Upgrade the skins

You can decorate your characters with 45 new skins including squid game, venom, impostor, baby Yoda, Batman, Covid-19, Thanos, Cupid, Snowman, Heart, Watermelon, Ghost, Pizza, and so on. For some skins, you need to do some achievements or tasks to take it. Some of them, you can unlock freely.