Color Rope Puzzle

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About Color Rope Puzzle

The playing rules

Engage in the funny physical-based puzzle game which is Color Rope Puzzle. Your objective is to connect the same color rope to each other and level up.

This game certainly makes you spend hours enjoying it. Drag the rope with a small circle to the hole with the corresponding color. The length of your rope is unlimited. Therefore, you can freely drag it. Sometimes, you can see more than one colorful rope. At that time, you need to use the supported items in the game to help you. Supported items in the game can become your obstacles or your assistants. It depends on you. Remember that your ropes can not intersect. Therefore, you need to use your logical thinking, wise strategies, and clever fingers to connect them. This game brings you hundreds of levels to conquer. After you finish a level, you can move to the next one. Try your best to win all the levels. Besides this game, you can experience Terraria which is also a great game on our site.

How to control: Use your mouse to play

Developer and Platform

This game was released on February 24 in 2023. It is developed by MR GAMES. You can play it both on the computer, and mobile phones.

Outstanding facts about Color Rope Puzzle

The variety of levels

In this game, you can conquer a hundred levels with intensified difficulty. The higher you level up, the more complicated the game will be. You will have more obstacles and colorful ropes than in the first levels. It requires your logical brain, reasonable strategies, and skillful fingers to take it. You can turn back the game day by day to practice your skill.

Supported items

Some items that you can encounter are poles, cubes, and mazes. At a high level, you may have many ropes. You can drag your rope to wrap them around the poles to connect them easier. You also can wrap many loops in a pole. You can not go through mazes or cubes such as squares, rounds, triangles, or rectangles. Therefore, in order to go to the hole, you need to avoid them.