Among Us

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Useful information about Among Us

The rules of the game

Join the funny game which is Among Us. Your aim is to play as a red astronaut to complete the tasks and find the imposter before the game is over.

This is not the most simple game for you, but it is so exciting to try. In this game, you will transform into the red astronaut. In your ship, there are 10 astronauts including some crewmates and imposters. You will play with other players. To start the game, you need to choose your name and your space. Your goal is to prevent your crewmate complete the task. If you let them finish the task first, you can lose. If they find that you are an impostor, you will be voted to eliminate. Therefore, try to assassin other crewmates privately and carefully. Try your best to win the game. If you can defeat all the enemies and win the game in a short time, you can rank in a high position on the leaderboard. You can invite your friend to play with you to enjoy the most wonderful feelings. Besides this game, you can refer to Smash Karts which is also an awesome game.

How to play


Use the ARROW or WASD keys to move to

Use the F key to see the map

Press the R key to report anyone

Use Q to kill others

Use your mouse to play

Mobile phone

Hold or tap on your screen to play

Some interesting things about Among us

2 factions in the game

There are 2 teams in this game. They are crewmates and impostors with various colors and characters like pink, green, yellow, gray, red, black, purple, orange, and so on.

  • The tasks of the crew are to fill in the group taskbar and support your crewmate to find the impostor. At the begging of the game, you will be given some tasks. You and your crewmates need to complete all the tasks before impostors kill everyone. You can call the emergency meetings when you find any dead body or see some suspicious behavior. You also can follow or watch the behavior of other crewmates by checking the admin map and security cameras. If you find any wrong action, react quickly. Prepare your alibis if you were accused incorrectly. Finally, use your wise thinking to vote to eliminate the impostor. If you guess it wrong many times, your teammate can be eliminated and you can lose the game.
  • If you are in the impostor team, you need to kill all the crew. To get rid of the crewmate's suspicion, you need to pretend to do tasks with them. Then, kill the crewmate suddenly. You can close the door to trap the crew and kill them easily and privately. Sneak through the vents to move quickly. Disrupt the tasks to make the crewmate confused. Then, in the voting, you need to do everything to convince others that you are not the crew.

Customize your skin in the game

You can freely choose to decorate your appearance from 9 skins, 21 hats, and 5 pets in the game. Choose one of them to make yourself more attractive and colorful.