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About Bloxd.io

The playing rules

Bloxd.io is a 3D Minecraft-style game made by Arthur Baker. Jump over the platform, upgrade your weapons or skills, and avoid your enemies.

This game is quite easy for you to play. Before you start the game, you need to change your name and choose the game mode. This game has 11 modes for you to choose including survival, peaceful, creative, bed wars, Greenville, Eviltower, Bloxdhod, DoodleCube, CubeWarfare, OneBlock, and Worlds. Each mode will have its own different characteristics and tasks.

  • In survival mode, the PVP mode will be activated. This is sandbox mode in which you can freely explore the endless world.
  • In peaceful mode, you can freely roam to collect resources and build constructions in the endless world. You can engage with other players.
  • In the next mode, your goal is quite similar to the peaceful mode. You also evolve with other players and explore this endless world.
  • The bed wars mode is one of the most interesting modes. You need to fight against your opponents in the platforms in the sky. In this mode, you need to protect your bed. Try to destroy your opponent's bed and prevent them to restore. Defeat all your enemies to become the winner. If you fall down from the platform, you will lose.
  • Greenville is an attractive mode. In this mode, you will live in a 3D world in which you need to earn money to live. In this world, you can go to work, go to the market, mine, destroy, or kill people in the arena. You can sleep by standing in bed.
  • In the Eviltower mode, you will climb over the tower with other players. In this mode, you don't have any checkpoints. Be careful when moving. The gray blocks are dangerous stones. They can be broken when you stand on them for a long time. The red blocks are red baked clays. You can die and fall down from the tower if you touch them.
  • In Bloxdhod mode, you need to go to the end of the map in the ruled time. Try to go to the checkpoints to buy powerups and gain money. You also experience many distinctive and complex blocks leveling up.
  • DoodleCube mode likes a drawing game. In this mode, you need to create the object based on the theme.
  • The CubeWarfare mode is a shooting game. You can earn money if you can kill someone. You can cooperate or betray them. You have 6 guns to choose from.
  • The next mode is one block mode. You will play with one block in the sky. You need to dig a block to take resources or materials. There are 14 stages in this mode.
  • In the last mode, you need to choose your name and choose a mode in all these modes to play.

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How to control


  • Use your mouse to look around
  • Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move
  • Use the SHIFT key to run
  • Press the left mouse to break the block
  • Press the right mouse or E key to place the block
  • Press the TAB key to open inventory or craft
  • Press the Q key to drop your block
  • Tab the SPACE key to jump
  • Tab the CONTROL, C, or CAPSLOCK keys to crouch
  • Use the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON or ALT LEFT CLICK to pick the block

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on your screen to play

Outstanding things about Bloxd.io

All the weapons

The weapon is a necessary thing in the game. It will help you in some special mode. This game brings you 10 weapons including Wood Axe, Stone Axe, Iron Axe, Iron Axe, Diamond Axe, Wood Sword, Stone Sword, Iron Sword, Gold Sword, and Diamond Sword. Each weapon will have its own features and benefits. You need to use your resources such as wood, gold, and diamonds to take it.

Blocks in the game

You have the chance to see about 100 blocks during the game. Some prime blocks are grass blocks, dirt, rocky dirt, snow, sand, stone, ice, tall grass, cactus, iron block, gold block, coal blocks, and so on. Some blocks you can see in the battle while you can get others in the mining.