Just Fall LOL

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Outstanding information about Just Fall LOL

The principles

Transform into a cute penguin in the online multiplayer game which is Just Fall LOL. Keep your penguin on the ice as long as possible to become the winner.

If you are interested in games on Smash Karts, you can not miss this game. In the game, you will change your name, choose the color of your characters, and game mode. You will roleplay as a penguin. In each game, you will match with other players, a team, or your friends. Use the keys to move, jump, or dive. You need to survive as long as possible on the iceberg. Ice will be broken when someone walks or stands on them for a long time. Therefore, you need to move carefully and quickly. It will be better if you avoid the hole in the iceberg. Try to become the penguin who falls down last. You can use your diving skill to jump down the ice below. If you are the last survivor on the ice, you can rank in a high position on the leaderboard. If you complete a mode, you can move to the next mode. Enjoy all the modes of the game to win all the modes, collect coins, check the leaderboard and see the best player. After earning some coins, you can use them to buy new skin. In this game, you also can invite your friend to play with you.

How to control

  • Computer

Press the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR key to jump

Press the TAB key to show your name

Hold the SHIFT key to dive

Use your mouse to look around

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Fascinating facts about Just Fall LOL

The game modes

There are 3 main modes for you to choose consisting of casual, competitive, and custom. In competitive and custom modes, the game gives to you 4 small modes such as Hexagon, Just Blocks, Just Jump, and Parkour. In hexagon mode, you will be paired up randomly with another one. In this mode, try to keep your penguin on the ice longer than your enemies to become the champion. In the Just Blocks mode, you and other players will stand on a hard ice platform. You need to avoid the standing ice walls. They will move faster and faster toward you. If you can not overcome or avoid them in time, you will be pushed from the ice platform. In the next mode, the just jump mode is similar to the hexagon mode. However, you need to avoid the obstacles. They are rotating propellers. If you have a collision with them, you will be pushed from the ice. Use your diving skills to overcome them. In the last mode, you need to move from one iceberg to another. You need to defeat all your enemies to become the champion. Be careful because your ice is so slippery, and hard. Your enemies are very strong. In the custom mode, you still have 4 small modes like competitive mode. However, you can invite your friend to play with you. In the casual mode, the game will pick a small mode randomly for you. Each mode has its features and interestingness.

The color of the penguin

To make your penguin more attractive and lovely, you can decorate the skin of the penguin with 1 of 12 distinctive colors. There are some basic colors such as black, purple, orange, blue, green, gray, yellow, brown, red, and so on. Choose your favorite and lucky color to motivate you to overcome all the challenges.