Geometry Dash

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Are you ready to join an extreme-speed game, called Geometry Dash? The fast-paced gameplay and the series of obstacles are waiting for you to conquer! Let's run with your geometry now!

Geometry Dash Series

The Geometry Dash Series is famous in the gaming world with many different versions. You can enjoy many online versions with different themes, obstacles, challenges, and stories. One of the outstanding versions is Geometry Dash Bloodbath where you can experience the most difficult challenges. Very few players can conquer this version.

However, after all the remakes, the original version still receives the most attention from players. On our website, the original version is released and waiting for you to conquer.

Play Geometry Dash

This game is the original version with basic gameplay and features.

Geometry Dash Basic Gameplay

When you participate in this running game, your task is to control geometry to avoid obstacles and reach the destination of each level. During this move, players can experience many interesting features.

First, your geometry can transform into many shapes with new moves. Your geometry can change from cube to ship and back to UFO. These shapes all have different ways of moving. For example, you will roll in a Ball shape, fly in a Ship shape, and run in a Spider shape. Be mentally prepared for unexpected changes in your geometry!

Second, the obstacles are diverse. They are not only diverse in number but also in size, shape, and way of movement. This feature gives players many interesting challenges to conquer.

Control Your Geometry

To control, you just need to use the mouse, up arrow key, or spacebar. Your geometry will move according to your instructions.