Eggy Car

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Come to Eggy Car

Transport the egg car in the funny driving game which is Eggy Car. You need to drive the car as far as possible without dropping the egg to get a high score.

Driving was always an easy game to beat until you found this one. However, with the easy gameplay, you will effortlessly be attracted to it. You will control a vehicle to transport the egg. However, the car seems too old and very difficult to control. Therefore, you need to pay attention to drive them safely and keep the egg balanced in the car. On the way, you have to pass some bumpy roads and rough slopes. Try not to let your egg drop or hit hard. At that point, it may break and you will have to replay the game. Remember to collect the booster on the way like diamonds. It can allow your egg to not break for 5 seconds when dropping. However, you must quickly bring the egg back to a safe position before the 5s expires or it will break. Can you believe that driving games have never been so difficult?

Kind of cars in the shop

You are provided with 5 egg trucks of different designs and values including a car, a truck, a pickup truck, and a bus. Each car will have different characteristics and strengths. For example, you need 500 coins to unlock a truck while it takes you 1000 coins to unlock a bus. After unlocking a new car, you can conquer the road further.