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Play Gulper.io to participate in multi-snake battles to compete for the top spot. Are you ready to become the strongest snake on the playing board?

How To Start Gulper.io

Welcome to a multi-player snake game where you need to move nimbly to compete with other players around the world. This game has a similar feel to the Coreball game because you can play directly in your browser without downloading anything. Just enter your nickname and start playing Gulper.io!

Role Of Your Snake

In this Gulper.io game, you will control a snake and your goal is to collect as many energy points as possible and don't let others stop you! Hunt for energy points, avoid collisions with other opponents, cooperate with other players, and climb to the top of the global rankings!

How To Control Gulper.io

This game control depends on the type of device. On a desktop computer, you move the mouse to change the direction of movement and hold the left mouse button to accelerate. On touch devices, you slide your finger to move and tap and hold anywhere with another finger to accelerate.

Gulper.io Settings

You can access Settings section to tweak several options like show/hide leaderboards, player nicknames, and minimaps. There are both Graphics and Frame Rate tools. They will help you achieve a smooth gaming experience on underpowered devices.