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Noteworthy information about Terraria

The principles

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that will bring you a joyful time. In this mystery land, you need to exploit resources and defeat your enemies.

This is one of the outstanding games on Smash Karts. Dig deeply into the caves to explore new lands. In these lands, you can find some treasure and raw materials. Collect them to boost your power and build your stronghold. You can find many resources in caves such as metal ores. Your health and mana can be increased after you find specific items. Some resources can be found in specific areas on the map or dropped by your enemies. You also were equipped with some special trophies and items to support you in your fights such as armor, weapons, and other precious items.

In this game, you need to defeat your enemies or build walls to protect yourself from them. In this game, you will experience the daytime and nighttime. The higher you level up, the more your enemies will be. Your enemies will also be stronger when you dig into the cave more deeply. In the nighttime, use your weapons cleverly and build your walls to protect yourself from dangerous creatures. However, they can disappear in the morning. You have 5 lives. After you lose 5 lives, you need a short time to restore. Try to fight all of them to collect more vanity items.

How to control


  • Press the ARROW or WASD keys to move
  • Click the left mouse or 0 to 9 to select a tool
  • Click the mouse to dig or place
  • Press the R key to reset
  • Use the E key to open and close the inventory
  • Use the C key to follow to mouse
  • Click the K to enter creative mode

Mobile phones

  • Tap and hold on your screen

Some fascinating things about Terraria.

Scary enemies in the game

This game brings you a hundred enemies with intensified hard levels. Some of them will appear in the daytime. Others will appear when darkness envelops them. For enemies which are easy to kill, we need to mention some slime such as Baby Slime, Black Slime, Blue Slime, Dungeon Slime, Green Slime, Ice Slime, Lava Slime, or Sand Slime. In addition, in the pre-hard mode, we also face angry bones, demons, zombies, ghosts, Vikings, and so on. At higher levels, the number of enemies will be increased. You need to use your effective strategies and necessary weapons to defeat them easily. In the high levels, you have the chance to encounter bosses who are the strongest enemies. Try your best to survive.

Various useful items

Item is an important thing to deal with opponents. The items will be divided into weapons, tools, walls, gems, coins, armor, potions, wings, furniture, bars, blocks, paints, and so on. You need to use weapons to attack and fight against your enemies. They will include melee weapons, ranged weapons, magic weapons, summoning weapons, and other weapons. At the start of the game, you will be equipped with 3 swords. You can collect coins and gems by dropping them from your enemies. Armor helps you protect your life in the fight. You can fly in the air with wings. Walls will protect you from strange and threatening creatures in the nighttime.