Sort It Puzzle

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Some common about Sort It Puzzle

Challenge yourself with a stunning puzzle game which is Sort It Puzzle. Sort the colored liquid into the same colored tubes and keep going with other tubes.

This game will make you spend a lot of time on them because of their challenges. You can see some tubes with mixed liquid in the game. You need to classify them into tubes which has the same color. To start with, touch the tube to pour the liquid from this tube into another tube. You can select the tube which you will pour first. Then, touch the other tube with the same water to contain water. Remember that only the same color of water can be poured on top of each other. You can use some hints in the game such as adding some tubes. If you get stuck with the game, the best way to you is to retry that level. Try to complete all the challenging levels in this game to show your intelligent brain or rank a high position on the leaderboard,

Significant points in Sort It Puzzle

Challenging levels

It has 40 levels with intensified difficulty which you need to overcome to beat the game. The levels will be harder after each try time. You need to overcome a level to move to the next one. You may have many tubes and liquids which is more complex for you to classify.

The leaderboard

After finishing all the levels, you can share your result to show them on the leaderboard. You can see the list of the 50 best players on this board. You can see their scores, levels, and medal. You also can invite your friend to play with you if you want.

Some achievements

You can achieve some special gifts in the achievements such as rookie, you got some skills, they are moving, the golden boy and so on. You can receive them after you finish some challenges in the game such as completing the first 5 levels, completing 10 levels, or completing 30 levels. Finish the tasks to get your achievements.