Papa's Scooperia

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Information about Papa's Scooperia

Turnback to help Papa manage the shop in Papa's Scooperia. Your purpose is to support Papa make cakes and ice cream to sell them to customers to earn money.

This game works very simply, so you can easy to control it. To start the game, you need to choose a slot, and a character and come to a training course. You can see a short instruction. Watch and follow the instructions to support your game. You also take an order at the order station at Papa's Burgeria. The order of your customer will automatically note for you. Then, come to the dough station to start making a cookie. In the dough station, you need to choose a kind of dough from bins. You need to create a dough ball. Slowly drag the scooper through the dough to form a dough ball. If you drag too fast, you can not get a perfect ball. Dip the dough into the bin with the correct topping. Then, click on the bake station to bake the cake. Wait for the cake in the bake station. The cake will be finished when the progress bar changes from green to white. After that, drag the cake to put it into the plate. Send the cookie to the Build Station by clicking on the green button. Keep going to create an ice cream ball. You still need to drag the scooper slowly around the rim. Drop the ice cream in the center of the cookie. Then, choose the topping of the ice cream following the order of the customer. After you finish all the steps, click on the order and drag it into the ticket. If you have a high appreciation from customers, you will get high tips. Try your best to finish orders perfectly.

Notes about Papa's Scooperia

All the customers

A special thing about this game is that you can create your own character. You also can customize your customers in the customer section. There are 5 main things which you can change for them including appearance, and clothes. You need to level up to unlock the new customers. There are some basic customers in this game including Ivy, Big Pauly, Shannon, Johnny, and so on. You can revise their information in the store.

Ingredients of the foods

You also have some toppings such as Chocolate Chips, Sugar Crystals, Blackberry Bark, Blueberries, Potato Chips, Bananas, Chocolate Mint, Macarons, and so on. If you join some events of the game like Holi, Baseball Season, Halloween, Christmas, or New Year, you can unlock new and interesting ingredients.