Papa's Burgeria

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Basic things about Papa's Burgeria

Help Papa make delicious burgers and manage the shop in Papa's Burgeria. Take orders from customers and try to make burgers similar to their orders.

With basic mechanics, this game will be an exciting and fun experiment for you. Before starting the game, you need to fill your name in the blank and choose your character. Follow the instruction to start playing the game. Firstly, you need to take the orders in the Order Station. Take orders from customers by clicking on take the order and hanging stickers on. Then, click on the Grill Station to make and cook burger patties. Come to the Build Station to arrange burgers and choose the toppings. Put the cake in order in the center and pour the topping on top of the cake. When the cake is done, you need to bring it and turn back the Order Station for your customer. They will evaluate your burger. If your cake is appreciated, you will get a high score. Keep going with other orders. After you finish an order, you will get some money and take other orders. You can unlock new customers if you level up. Remember that orders will be more and harder. Try to satisfy your strict customer to get tips. Do you have the ability to become a chef? Besides this game, you can try Bloxd.io.

Remarkable information about Papa's Burgeria

The game brings you a variety of customers such as Wally, Penny, Taylor, or Chuck. You also can unlock new customers when you level up. There are about 50 characters that can be unlocked in the game. Besides customers, your shop has diverse toppings including onions, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and other sauces. You need to pay attention to choosing the correct flavor for your customers.