Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender

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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender is an online strategy game to protect a castle against the incoming chickens! Merge cannons to create the most powerful weapon! The chickens' attack is so strong, so let's be ready to defend!

The Chicken Attack

In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender, chickens will continuously attack your castle with swords and weapons. The characteristics of chickens are many different types. As a result, their attack abilities and health are also different. In particular, there are large chickens with high defense ability. You need to shoot them for a long time to destroy them.

In addition, chickens will attack your castle in waves. It means many chickens will appear at the same time. The number of chickens can be as many as the number of online snakes in Sushi Party. With this condition, you will need to defend wisely against any dangers.

2 Missions In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender

To play this online game, players will have two main tasks: merging and upgrading.

Merging Cannons For Attack

In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender, your cannons are at level 1. At this level, the cannon's attack ability is not high. Therefore, you need to merge 2 level-1 cannons to create a level-2 cannon. It is similar to creating higher-level cannons.

These new cannons will destroy the chickens more quickly.

Upgrade In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender

First, you can upgrade your castle wall. Experiencing chicken attacks, your wall may be damaged. Use your collected coins to upgrade it and defend against attacks. Second, you can also enter the Shop section to upgrade Cannon Damage, Decrease Price, or Increase Profit.