Drive Mad

50 votes 3.8/5

About Drive Mad

Become a driver in a driving simulation game which is Drive Mad. Take control of your car to go through the tough roads and guide it to go to the finish line.

This game will make you have awesome and entertaining moments. In this game, you need to guide your car to go straight or go back to go to the finish line. In some terrains, you need to guide it to overcome the obstructions on the road. Be careful when moving your car. If it falls down from a height, has a collision with obstacles, or moves at high speed, it will be broken. At that time, you need to retry the level. Each level will be a terrain. You need to complete a level to move to the next one. This game certainly is a suitable game for you to try in your free time besides Fast Driver 3D.

Appealing levels in Drive Mad

You need to drive this lovely car to go through 100 terrains similar to 100 levels with intensified difficulty. Each level will have its own dangerous terrains. For example, some prime levels are rope bridge, go west, double trouble, slam dunk, mobile home, seesaw, flip the table, and so on. Your car also changes following the levels. Let your head in the clouds with your car.