Fast Driver 3D

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Highlights about Fast Driver 3D

The playing rules

Prove your driving skill in the 3D thrilling driving game which is Fast Driver 3D. Control your car to collect all coins on the road and go to the finish line.

This game will bring memorable moments to you with its simple gameplay. Use the mouse to drive your car to turn left or turn right. Try to keep the car balance and go forward. Then, collect all the coins on the road. After collecting coins, drive it to overcome all the obstacles and go to the finish line. You will see the progress bar on the top of the screen. You can move to the next level when you fill up this bar. Sometimes, you should not focus too much on collecting coins because you can fall down. If your car slides out off the road or gets into a collision with obstructions, you will lose. At that time, you need to play that level again. There are many levels for you to try. After finishing a level, you will a number of coins that you attained. Try to collect as many coins as possible and level up. The higher you level up, the harder the game will be. Is this road easy to cross as the way to your crush's heart? Besides this game, you can watch some colorful cars in Parking Jam Out.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Special things about Fast Driver 3D

The variety of levels

You have many levels with intensified difficulty which you need to overcome. After you go to the finish line, you can unlock and keep going to the next level. Each level will have its own difficulty and terrain. At the first level, you just need to collect coins and pass through a freeway without obstacles. In the high levels, you may encounter some unexpected obstacles such as hard corners, bridges, other vehicles, slopes, and so on. Try to control your car to successfully overcome them.

Developer and Platform

This game is updated in December 2020 and developed by Zynga. You can play it both on web browsers, iOS, and android. This game is installed with many interesting features in the mobile game version.