Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart

Support the lovely monkey in managing his shop in Monkey Mart. Take control of the monkey to collect money and unlock production shelves to expand the shop.

The mechanic of this game is quite simple and easy to understand. You will transform into a monkey. Then, help him manage the shop by picking up money and selling products. You will get 35 money. Use the arrow key to move. Guide the monkey to go to the square to take more 10 money. After that, you can unlock a cash machine. Following the instruction to unlock other shelves. Plant some fruits on the ground. Then, collect them and bring them to the shelves to sell them. Your products will be bought by customers. After they take them, you need to turn back the cash machine to take the money. Keep going to unlock other shelves. Collect more money to hire more workers and buy new items in the shop. Can you become a businessman in this fun game? After getting a wonderful time in this game, you can try Monkey Go Happy: Stage 591 to help our monkey stop tearing up.

Prominent information about Monkey Mart

At a high level, you can hire some workers or support items. They will help you to work more effectively and faster. Some workers in this shop include assistants, farmers, chefs, and managers. You also need to use the money to upgrade them. Besides, chickens, cows, microwaves, and yogurt makers will be supported items. You can take fresh milk from a cow. The chicken will bring you eggs every day. Microwaves can help make delicious popcorn. Yogurt makers can make and store healthy yogurt which serves customers.