Monkey Go Happy: Stage 591

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About Monkey Go Happy: Stage 591

The principles

Help your lovely monkey from tearing in Monkey Go Happy: Stage 591. Do all the tasks to help the characters and find the baby monkeys to make her cheer up.

If you are in bad mood, join this cute game and you will be better. In the game, you need to find all the baby monkeys. Some baby monkeys can be found easily. However, another one will be really hard to find. Therefore, you need to do all the tasks to help other characters. Find the Xmas card for the Santa Claus monkey and 20 snowballs for Santas Claus and the children. Then, you can find baby monkeys during your adventure. In this stage, you need to collect the snowballs, monkeys, and items. Items that appear on the road will be so useful for you. Pay attention to some small things such as symbols on the ground. It will be the password in some situations. You can match 2 or more items to each other to create a new item. After you find all the snowballs and the baby monkey, the monkey will be happy and cheer up. Find the happiness of the monkey and have a joyful time.

How to control

  • Computer: Use your left mouse to play
  • Mobile phone: Tap and hold on the screen

Unique things about Monkey Go Happy: Stage 591

You can find a variety of items from the game including snowballs, a handle part, a black marker, a black card, a sack, a present, and so on. They are so important to you. After collecting, you can combine 2 or more items in order to create a new item. Besides items, the characters in the game are also a key thing. Santas Claus and children require 20 snowballs. The Santas Claus monkey needs a Xmas card.