Gold Miner

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Brief information about Gold Miner

Come back to your childhood with a classical mining game which is Gold Miner. Drop the cable reel and pull it up to exploit as much gold as possible.

With attractive scoring mechanics and simple clicks, this game deserves to be on your favorite list. In this game, you need to mine as much gold as possible in the ruled time. Firstly, you need to align the direction of the gold and the cable reel. Click the left mouse or tap on the screen to release the cable reel. Then, wait for it to pull the resources up. You will see many resources under the ground. However, you just have a limited time. Therefore, you should focus on valuable resources such as gold or diamonds. Try to mine enough requited gold to level up. After that, you can use your gold to buy some boost items in the shop. The same is a gold game, but this game will bring you different emotions than Gold Digger FRVR.

Highlights about Gold Miner

All the levels

This game brings you many levels. Each level will have different challenges and goals. You need to achieve the goal to qualify for the next level. For example, the goal of the first level is 650 money. However, the target in the next levels can be 1195, 2010, 3095, 4450, or 17980 money.

Resources in the game

In the game, you can see many resources such as gold, diamonds, rocks, and so on. Besides, there are some secret bags, skeletons, pigs, and bombs. You should avoid mining the rocks because it is so heavy and waste your time. You also need to avoid skeletons. It's very light, but not worth it for you. Some pigs also are not valuable. They move a lot and often distract you. You need to avoid bombs because they can explode in a wide range and lose valuable resources. Diamonds are the most valuable resources in the game. It is also so light for you to mine.

Items in the shop

In the shop, you will have the chance to buy some boost items such as dynamites, strength drinks, and rock collectors books. With dynamites, you can use them to explode some unwanted things such as rocks. To activate them, you need to click on the up arrow key. You also can use strength drinks to increase your power. With a rock collector book, the rock on the next level will have worth three times more than the previous one.