Gold Digger FRVR

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Short brief about Gold Digger FRVR

General principles

Gold Digger FRVR is a 2D action game which is developed by FRVR. Use your pickaxe to dig everything around and mine resources to build your town.

If you are a fan of the classic gold miner game, this game will captivate you with its refreshing gameplay. In the game, you need to control your character to exploit and collect resources under the ground. Use the available ladders to move to the places you need. You can explode some ground blocks by pushing the rocks together to expand your way. Each time you explore some rocks, you can receive some money. When the rocks are exploded, you need to step back. Pay attention to some cracked sediments. It can contain diamonds, gold, gems, or some bad resources. Beware of flooded areas. They can drown you when you stay here for a long time. Collect as many resources as possible. Then, bring them back to the ground and build more buildings. After that, you can upgrade your tools to exploit more resources. If you explode, fall into the water, or get hit by the rocks, you will die and have to start over. Try to collect as many resources as possible to develop your town.

How to control the character

  • Mobile phone

Hold and tap on your screen to play

  • Computer

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the UP ARROW key to jump

Click on the left mouse to dig

Essential components of Gold Digger FRVR

Special things in the cracked sediments

You can get some items such as Medium Crystal, Large Crystal, Repair Kit, Bone, Shoes, Fossil, Mini Gold Bomb, Gem, and Coin. After mining, they will be collected and saved in the inventory. Try to collect as many valuable items as possible. You can collect more special items on special days like Christmas.

Joe's mining shop

When you click on Joe's mining shop, you can unlock many machinery and items such as helmets, tools, explosives, automatic diggers, engineers, utilities, and so on. You need to pay some coins for an item. Some items can help you exploit more effectively and more resources. Some items can protect you during the mining.