Mahjong Classic

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Mahjong Classic is a classic version of the online mahjong series. Entering this mahjong version, you can enjoy all the significant features of a mahjong game.

Unlike Mahjong, there are 2 mode selections for all players to enjoy mahjong games based on their interests.

2 Mahjong Mode Selections

In this Mahjong Classic version, there are 2 modes: Time and No Time. These two modes differ in time for each match. You can play freely with unlimited time in No Time mode. On the contrary, if you want to play competitively and aggressively, go to Time mode to complete a level within the time limit.

These two modes also differ in rewards. Based on the completion time in Time mode, you can receive up to 3 stars. In No Time mode, players get 1 star for all successful levels.

How To Play Mahjong Classic

To play this mahjong game, it is simple to start with mode selection. After that, you will choose the board.

Mahjong Classic Boards

Both modes offer different boards for players to choose from. You can choose any of your favorite boards. Then, you will immediately enter official Mahjong Classic matches.

Official Mahjong Matches

In these matches, your task is still to match two identical tiles to remove them. Your ultimate goal is to remove all tiles on the playing board to win the Mahjong Classic.