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Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game. This Mahjong version gives you many stages with different arrangements to match and remove all. Are you ready to conquer the complex structures in this mahjong world?

Stages With Complex Structures

In this Mahjong game, players can experience many stages and their difference is the arrangement. The tiles are arranged in many different positions and they also include many different mahjong pieces.

On the main screen, you can see 68 stages with all the structures. Some notable structures are Turtle, Fly, Dragon, Arena, Bridge, Kitty, Ram, Snake, and Tiger. Many stages with special structures are waiting for players to conquer.

How To Play This Mahjong Version

There are many different versions of mahjong. In the past, online players were always attracted to Mahjong Candy. Currently, this new version is even more attractive than the previous version and the first task is choosing a stage.

Choose Mahjong Stage

Players can choose any stage to participate and conquer all the mahjong tiles. You can choose according to your preferences or based on the arrangement of the pieces. Note that you should choose easy structures before moving on to more difficult mahjong matches.

Match Mahjong Tiles

To match the pieces, you just need to observe and find two identical pieces. After that, connect them by clicking on that piece. However, these two pieces need to be on the outer edge of the playing board.