Mahjong Candy

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Summary of Mahjong Candy

Challenge yourself with a classical Chinese game which is Mahjong Candy. Match mahjong tiles in pairs to remove them from the board and move to the next level.

This new version of the mahjong game will make you keen because of its attractiveness and simple mechanic. You will see many mahjong tiles with different candies. You need to find and match 2 same tiles together to remove them from the board. It is quite easy for you to find out. However, mahjong tiles are stacked on top of each other. You can only clear mahjong tiles in order from top to bottom. You cannot remove a mahjong tile that is blocked by others or blocked by another layer. At each level, you have a certain time. You need to finish the game within this time. After this time, if you can not complete it, you will lose. If you get stuck with the game, you can use the shuffle button to mix the tiles on the board. You will lose 20 seconds for each shuffle. You can receive some scores each time when you remove some mahjong. When you can remove special tiles, you can get double scores. Try to finish the game as quickly as possible to get a high score.

Noteworthy information about Mahjong Candy

You will have many boards in this game. Each board will have a different and challenging task. You need to remove all of the tiles on these boards. Remember that the layers on the board are arranged from the top to bottom. You just can remove tiles from the top to bottom. Mahjong tiles in this version have a distinctive thing from the past. They relate to candies that are so easy for you to recognize than the previous version. Therefore, try your best to explore as many mahjong as possible.