Bubble Witch Saga

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Basic information about Bubble Witch Saga

The principles

Unwind with the new version of the addictive ball-shooting game which is Bubble Witch Saga. Shoot the bubbles with the same color together to eliminate them.

With its simple and engaging gameplay, this game will never bore you. In the game, you need to support the witch whose name is Stella to eliminate all the bubbles and level up. To get rid of all the bubbles, you need to aim in the direction of the shooter. Pay attention to the color of the bubbles on the shooter. Then, shoot 3 bubbles with the same color together to eliminate them. You can change the color of your shooting bubbles by clicking on the rotating button. However, you just have unlimited time to change the color of the bubbles and unlimited shooting time. If you run out of bubbles or your bubbles are full of the screen, you will lose. You have some boosting items to support you in this game. You can use it to defeat the game easily. This game has a hundred levels. If you finish a level, you can level up. You will receive some stars and diamonds after finishing a level. The more remaining bubbles, the higher your score and diamonds will be. Therefore, you need to think carefully to store as many bubbles as possible. You can use your diamonds to buy boosting items to support you in the next levels. Jump into this game and conquer as many levels as possible. After joining this game, you can experience other shooting games such as Deadshot.io.

How to play: Use your computer mouse or tap on your phone to play

Developer and platform

This is the first mobile game of the King. It was released in July 2012 after launching on Facebook in September 2011. You can play it both on mobile devices and web browsers.

Highlight things about Bubble Witch Saga

All the levels

You can experience hundreds of levels in this game. In the first levels, it is quite easy for you to overcome. However, at the high levels, you need to put more effort and skills to pass. The higher you level up, the harder the level will be. The bubbles on the table will also increase. You just can move to other levels when you complete a level.

Boosters in the game

This game brings you some boosters to help you beat the game easily including fruits, navigation bars, bombs, and lightning strikes. With 200 diamonds, you can get 5 fruits. At that time, you can get more bubbles at that level. To get a navigation bar, you need to spend 400 diamonds to aim in the correct direction of the bubbles on the table. A small range of the bubble can be exploded with 400 diamonds. You can use the lightning strike to eliminate a range of the same color bubble.