Google Snake Game

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Google Snake Game is a singleplayer snake game developed by Google with familiar arrow control gameplay. Eat all the red apples and win as many cups as you can. Are you ready to join a new adventure with your Google snake?

New Adventures of Snake

In Google Snake Game, you have the opportunity to experience new challenges that are designed by Google. These challenges come from many factors such as speed, playing field, and apples.

Speed of Google Snake Game

The speed of this online game is fast to create thrilling gameplay. Your snake will move at high speed and this speed will not change throughout the games.

Google chose this speed for their game because it is suitable for most ages and it also appeals to players. Slow-paced games are often not as attractive as fast-paced games. Players can immerse themselves in the speed world to conquer new achievements. It is the need for self-expression of many players. Another speed game is Water Race 3D. You can also participate in this new game to show off your abilities.

Playing Fields and Apples

In Google Snake Game, you will transform into a snake and move in a closed playing field. Your snake will be surrounded by 4 walls and you can only move in the middle. In this area, you will show off all your skills to collect red apples.

Red apples are also a challenge for players because they appear in many different positions. The snakes must move continuously and advance toward those locations. During the movement, the snakes can easily collide and the game will end.

Google Snake Game Results

This snake game will end if you collide with the wall or hit your own tail. After that, the game will summarize your total number of apples. The number of apples will correspond to the number of cups. The more cups you win, the more you can show your level. Therefore, don't hesitate and join this Google Snake Game now!