Water Race 3D

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Get ready with windsurfing in Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D is a 3D running game with attractive graphics that prevents you from taking your eyes off it. Control your character to avoid obstacles.

This is exactly a game to entertain your cool off this summer. Get your character over the obstacles by surfing and changing its direction. Move your character by using the mouse to drag the character and move to the left or right. Take the character through the platforms and slide on the water slide. Then go as far as possible. Note that you only need to make mistakes such as colliding with obstacles or landing sliding off the platform, your character may slip and fall off these platforms. Besides, this water slide is very slippery and has no endpoint. Therefore, try to pass as many platforms as possible to get a high score. You can also choose for yourself a skateboard to start the game. Can you easily conquer this windsurfing sport?

Skateboard options for you

You have 4 board choices that you can use to start your water slide game. Each skateboard will have different colors, shapes, and strengths. Exchange your skateboard with a new one that will help you conquer longer distances and earn higher scores. In the game, you will not have levels like in other water slide games. However, the challenge will still increase each time you come to a new water slide. Your game will stop if you hit an obstacle like a bar or propeller or fall off this track. Therefore, try not to be blocked by even one obstacle.