2048 Fusion

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How to train your brain with 2048 Fusion

The challenging mission

2048 Fusion is a challenging puzzle game. The game requests you to swipe blocks with the same value to merge them and get higher valuable blocks.

You need to think and consider carefully before swiping any blocks in the grid. Blocks will have different values. You can only merge blocks with the same value. Then you will get a block with a higher value. You need to strive to get the highest valuable blocks. However, if you cause the grid to fill up, you will have to stop playing. You need to merge them skillfully to make room for new blocks that appear after each of your swipes.

The game allows you to find wise methods and strategies. You can also improve your calculation ability. You should play this game when you have leisure time. Good luck!


You can use the mouse to swipe the blocks. If you are familiar with using the keyboard, you can use the arrow keys to play this game. You don't need to use too many operations when playing this interesting game.

Some power-ups in 2048 Fusion

You can unlock and receive additional power-ups if you obtain high scores. They will automatically increase the number of power-ups if you continue to have good achievements.

  • Supper Removal: You can use it when you get a high score. It will delete all the blocks except the three blocks with the highest value. You should use it when the grid doesn't have enough space left.
  • Removal: Your score will remain the same when you use this power-up. However, all blocks in the grid will disappear immediately.
  • Shuffle: You can shuffle the positions of blocks in the grid. Then, you can release some wise strategies.
  • Upgrade: You select any block, and they will move upwards if you choose Upgrade power-up.