8 Ball Billiards Classic

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Play 8 Ball Billiards Classic to enjoy online billiard matches with your computer or your friend. All online matches remain the same rules as real billiards.

Have you ever played billiards online? Coming to this online version, you can experience a wonderful billiards environment with your computer.

A New Billiard World

Our smash karts website provides players with an online billiards-playing environment, called 8 Ball Billiards Classic. In this gaming world, players can enjoy billiard matches like normal life. However, the elements have been engineered to be suitable for playing on computers.

In this online world, you will have an opponent and a standard billiards table. It includes 7 striped balls, 7 plain balls, 1 8-number ball, and 1 cue ball. In addition, this 8 Ball Billiards Classic game will also time each match for the players.

How To Play 8 Ball Billiards Classic

This billiard game starts with mode selection.

8 Ball Billiards Classic Mode Selection

There are two modes: Computer and Friend. It means that you can compete with a computer or another player on the same device.

To choose, you just need to click on one of the two icons on the main screen. During billiard play, you can also exit and change modes to your liking.

How To Play Billiards Online

In the 8 Ball Billiards Classic, players need to hit their 7 balls into the holes and aim for the final 8-number ball. Other rules are similar to real-life billiards matches.

To hit the ball, move your mouse to aim and drag it back to adjust the force. After that, release to make the shot in the online billiard game.