Alien Bot Madness

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About the battle in Alien Bot Madness

Fight against dangerous robots in Alien Bot Madness to protect the Earth. The game requests you to clean all robots before they break your platform.

The Earth is in danger because of the invasion of evil forces. They are alien robots. They brought weapons to Earth to invade this place. If you don't act, they will make the Earth their planet. What do you need to do? If you are ready, you can fight to protect the earth.

Your character is also equipped with a weapon that is a cutting-edge gun. You use them to shoot enemies down. You need to shoot fast and accurately to eliminate the invaders. Play until all opponents are defeated, and you will receive gold coins.

Besides, you must remember that they can break the ground where you are right if you are not focused. If the platform under your feet collapses, you must stop the game immediately. Your quest will fail.

How to control

Some tactics to get the win in Alien Bot Madness

When fighting with alien robots, you need to prepare specific strategies to defeat them.

Use the rockets

Rocket is the second weapon you can own. You can buy them with your gold coins. At each level, you can only use the rocket once. You should use a rocket when multiple robots appear. They will help you get rid of bosses easily. In addition, you can also upgrade rockets to be able to eliminate more opponents. Don't miss other weapons. If you pass the required levels, you can unlock many other weapons. Use them to protect the peace of the earth.

Boost the hero character

Your character is the only hero who can protect the earth. So, you have a great responsibility. You must complete your mission. Your character will fight the robots independently. You will not get support from anyone. So you need to upgrade your character to be able to clean up the vandals. You can upgrade your character to make him stronger and more powerful.