Amigo Pancho

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How do you know Amigo Pancho

The rules of the game

Discover the adventure to pass through the hot desert with Amigo Pancho. Control the direction of balloons to overcome obstructions and fly straight to the sky.

With unique gameplay and simple rules, this game will bring you cooling and fresh air this summer. In this game, you will accompany Pancho in this scorching desert. Help him fly up by avoiding and eliminating all the obstacles on the road. You can eliminate the obstacles by clicking on that objective. His balloons are easily broken. Therefore, try not to collide with any dangerous obstacles. Pancho can still fly up even when he has a balloon. You just need to help him protect at least one balloon. If you can save 2 balloons and finish the level as quickly as possible, you can get a high score. Come to this game and conquer all the levels.

The developer and principles

This game was published in October 2013. The developer of this game is Qaibo Games. You can play it on a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

Remarkable facts of Amigo Pancho

Various levels

This addictive game has totally 25 levels divided into 7 easy levels, 11 medium levels, and 7 hard levels. The higher you level up, the harder the game will be. At higher levels, you need to deal with hard obstacles. The sky will be increasingly darker. The game will be finished when you fly up to the night sky.

All the obstacles

To beat the game, you need to successfully overcome all the obstructions. There are over tens of obstacles that you need to face such as dragon dew, stone, barbed wire, sickle, stone, fall, robber, sawtooth, bird, and so on. It will make your ball break when it crashes on them. Therefore, you need to look carefully.