Amingo Pancho 2

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What to expect in Amingo Pancho 2

The second part of Amigo Pancho is back in Amigo Pancho 2. In this return, you still keep going by removing obstacles to pave the way for Amingoa.

If you were crazy with part 1 of Amigo Pancho, the new part of the game will surely satisfy you equally. Get rid of the obstacles that hinder Amigo like dragon fog, thorns, rocks, and so on. Besides, you have to protect his ball number. Make sure he has at least 1 balloon to fly up and out of the challenge. He will fall if both balls are broken. Plus, you have to race against time. The faster you complete the game and the less time, the higher the score will be. You will get up to 3 stars for each level. The more time remaining, the more stars will be. What you hesitating about without embarking on the game.

Things that make Amigo Pancho 2 special

You are challenged with many different levels

It is similar to the first season. You will also have 25 levels to pass. However, the difficulty of the levels will increase with more obstacles than the first part. Besides, you have to use road aids such as excavators, blowers, or cars to easily escape from obstacles. You lose if you cannot keep any balls. Try to complete a level as soon as possible to collect all 3 stars.

The developer and platform of the game

This game was launched in September 2018 by AGame. It is the sequel to the Amigo Bancho series that was released in April 2018. You can play it on smart electronic devices such as phones, computers, laptops, and Macs.