Aquapark Shark

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How do you know Aquapark Shark?

Basic rules

Welcome the summer with the water world which is Aquapark Shark. Control your character to move him and overcome all the obstacles on the slide.

You can cool off your summer with this simple water slide pool racing adventure. Join in a water slide pool and control your character. Guide him to overcome all the obstacles and collect money. You will get more money even when you crash into the other swimmer. However, you need to be careful when controlling your character. Don't stop for a long time. Sharks can sniff and eat you. Your character will also die when he falls down from high, have a strong collision with others, or is capsized. At that time, you need to retry the game. Therefore, try to try to make nice landings. The game has many levels for you to try. Try to collect as much money as possible. Then, use your money to change your float.

How to guide the character

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on your screen to play

Computer: Use the left mouse to move

Interesting components

After getting enough coins, you can use them to change your float and your character. For each change, you need to pay some money to take it. For example, you need to pay 250 money, 500 money, and 1000 money to have a new float. The higher level is, the harder the game will be. At a higher level, you need to overcome more obstacles such as spikes, many characters, sharks, and glass vaults.