Ball Gradient

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Facts about Ball Gradient

Play Ball Gradient to boost your hand-eye coordination skill. You need to guide the ball to avoid all obstacles on the way and collect diamonds to level up.

With the same gameplay as Subway Surfer: Havana, you can conquer this game easily. In the game, you need to control the ball to take diamonds on the road by turning left or turning right. Then, you also need to avoid all the obstructions on the road. If your ball touches them, it will be broken. Move forward and guide the ball to go the finish line to move on to the next level. Try not to move the ball move out of the road. If your ball deviated from the trace, it will fall down and you need to try the game again. After collecting diamonds, you can use them to buy supporting items in the shop. This game has endless levels. Try to finish all the levels and keep on with the next level.

Special ingredients in Ball Gradient

Assistant items

The supporting items are important elements that you need to use to beat the game. You have the chance to get supporting items when you get enough diamonds. Each item requires you to pay a number of diamonds. For example, you can protect yourself with a shield and it costs 500 diamonds. You can get double diamonds with a double symbol. You need 200 diamonds to take it. It takes you 300 diamonds for a magnet to collect diamonds on the road.

Obstacles on the game

Even though you have supporting items, you still need to avoid obstruction on the road. You just have limited time to use the supporting items when there are a lot of obstacles on the way. Some obstacles which you may face are swinging axes, guillotines, and swords. Try to avoid them if you don't want to make your ball break.