Balls Out 3D

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Common information about Balls Out 3D

The game rules

Embark on a fascinating journey which is Balls Out 3D. Jump into the game and rotate the maze to help all the balls escape from it to level up.

With simple mechanics, this game will certainly bring you a relaxing time. You will see a maze that contains a lot of balls inside. You need to help all the balls get out of it. Use your mouse to rotate the maze to turn left or turn right. You need to follow the movement of all the balls. Ensure that all the balls can come to the tube. If the ball leaves over 1 ball, you can not level up. If all the balls were guided into the tube, you could level up and get a score. Try to rotate the maze carefully and skillfully into the right tube to get a high score. You can move to the next level after you finish a challenge. Besides this game, Red Ball Escape is also an exciting game about balls.

How to control

  • Computer

Use the mouse to rotate the maze

  • Mobile phone

Press or hold on the screen

Helpful things about Balls Out 3D

You will have various levels to conquer. The levels will be more complex after each level. If you want to move to the next level, you need to finish a level. All the levels will have distinctive characteristics. At the high level, the maze will be more difficult for your balls to escape. After finishing a level, you will receive an amount of money. Try to complete as many levels as possible.