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Play Blackjack online to test your judgment and try to get 21 points. Rely on the cards available on the table and make the right decisions!

Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack game is a popular game around the world with simple and attractive gameplay with the number 21. To meet the increasing demand for playing, the online version is released on our Smash Karts website. Players can play Blackjack anywhere and anytime with this online version. In particular, the game is 100% simulated so there is no real damage.

When playing this online game, players will still follow the basic blackjack principles. If you are new to this game, let us guide you through the basic features.

Blackjack Playing Instructions

To understand the principles of this game, pay attention to the cards first.

Cards In Blackjack

The cards in this game still have the same value as their numbers. However, this only applies to cards 2 to 10. Cards A, J, Q, K are special cards.

Card A has two values: 1 and 11 while 10 is the value of both J, Q, and K. You can use any value of the A card for that Blackjack match.

Deal, Stand, And Hit

These are the 3 basic concepts for this Blackjack game. Just by understanding these 3 concepts, you can play the game in a basic way.

  • Deal: Set the bet amount online.
  • Stand: Stop and keep your cards intact.
  • Hit: Add one card.

Once the Blackjack game starts, you will receive two cards. You can decide to stop with Stand or gain one more card with Hit. Use these two functions to get closer to 21 points. The player closest to 21 points wins. However, if any player exceeds 21 points, that player will lose Blackjack.