Blumgi Ball

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Overall Blumgi Ball

Enjoy your weekend with the fun and adorable game that is Blumgi Ball. Control your character to move from place to place and put the ball in the basket.

This game has a combination of the basketball game and puzzle mechanics, so you will easily get hooked on this game. You need to move to the position of the basket and score. To get to the position of the basket, click on the screen to select the drop point for the ball. After that, you need to drag the mouse to lead the ball to the position you want. Release to drop the ball. Wherever you drag the mouse, your ball will follow. You can rely on support tools like bouncing pads to get the ball into the basket faster. Note that pull the ball in the shortest time possible to successfully put them in the basket. If you drag for too long, the position of the ball will change. You can use drag and drop multiple times in a level. You can also drag the ball to any position you want. After each time you put the ball in the basket, you can fill the chests. After filling a chest, you can unlock new characters and new levels.

Exceptional elements

Levels in the game

You have countless levels to conquer in this game. After completing a level, you can fill up the chest and continue with another level. The previous levels will be less attractive and challenging than the new ones. At higher levels, your balls can be thrown out if you drag them too far. Try your best to pass all the levels.

All the chests

Are you curious about the secrets behind the treasure chests? Those are the new characters. You can unlock a new character after filling up a chest. To fill up a chest, you must pass a level or more certain levels. Some of the throwing characters include frogs, bears, ducks, dinosaurs, and more. You can have countless other characters after you beat the next levels.