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Special information about Boxz.io

The rules of the game

Create your special vehicle in the 2D vehicular combat game which is Boxz.io. Use your available items to build your robot car and defeat your others.

With the simple rules, you will get caught up in this warfare. Change your name to start the game. You aim to use your skills to design a new tank to defeat other online enemies. Take control of your tank to move and avoid the attack of your enemies. Defen yourself by attacking or shooting them. Remember that you need to collect the ammunition and trophies on your road to support you. The higher you level up, the higher your enemies will increase. Then, you can fix or customize your car in the build section. After each battle, you need to upgrade your car and change your weapons to improve the strength, speed, and durability of your car. Upgrade continuously in order to get rid of as many enemies as possible. Engage in the last battle to have the chance to face many players in the world. Besides this game, you can spend your time enjoying Terraria.

How to play

  • Computer

Press the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press the F key to repair

Use the R key to rotate parts when building

Use the left mouse to attack

Use your mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Hold or tap on your screen to play

Remarkable things about Boxz.io

Installing your tank

You can get more than 10 weapons, boxes, and motors in the game. Some weapons which you can see are missiles, powerful guns, laser guns, and plasma guns. You can upgrade the parts of them in the build section. In particular, 40 ammo boxes, 15 propulsion engines, 14 guns, and 17 tank shells. You have a limited time to upgrade your car in an installation. Upgrade your car to make your tank become the strongest machine in this tank battle.

Developer and Platform

This game is created by May Maji. It is released in June 2018. This is a web browser game. Therefore, you can play it both on Android and iOS versions.