Connections Game

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Connections Game provides all players with 16 words from different fields. Let's choose 4 related words to create a perfect group with 4 attempts.

Word-Game World

Welcome to Connections Game, a new word game on our website! The puzzle game genre is familiar to players through famous games such as Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Foodle, or Hurdle. Now, this Connections game also joins this popular list.

In this gaming world, players' vocabulary will be challenged in many different ways. For example, if you play Word Connect, you will need to connect letters to make a complete word. Connections Game is similar but it provides a way to connect words to words.

Connections Game Gameplay

The gameplay of this word game will give you challenges about the meaning of words.

Connection Based on Word Meaning

This Connections Game offers 16 words with different meanings. Some words are unrelated while some words belong to the same field. Your task is to choose 4 words to form a related group. You only have 4 tries to win a Connections Game challenge.

Unlimited Connections Game Matches

Matches of this word game take place in 4 tries. After that, you can challenge with more matches because this Connections Game is unlimited for all players.