Crazy Cars

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What awaits you at Crazy Cars?

If we talk about the crazy and best racing games, we can't help but mention Crazy Cars. Hold the steering wheel firmly to collect coins and stars on your track.

It is also racing but with its special gameplay and popularity, you will be interested in it from the first minutes. Join the race with the ultimate goal of collecting as many stars as possible and reaching the finish line. As the name suggests in the game, this is the only crazy car that allows you to crash into anything on the road and stay safe without breaking. Control the car to collect stars and wrenches on the road. Then, find the position of the flag to reach the finish line. In race mode, you must move according to the direction of the arrow to reach the finish line and continue your race. You can invite your friends to compete in this exciting race. After collecting stars and wrenches, you can use them to exchange for a new car in the shop. Try to conquer this game in the shortest time.

Details about Crazy Cars

How can you control the car

  • First player

Use the WASD keys to move the car

Press on the R key to respawn

  • Second player

Use the ARROW keys to move the car

Press on the ENTER key to respawn

Game modes with new cars

Some of the prime modes in the game are a free star, free car, and race. In free star mode, you are free to go on the track to collect stars and wrenches. In free car mode, you will not have any navigation arrows. Your job is to reach your destination. In race mode, you will have 7 small levels like over egg mountain, drag race, or Kriss Kross. The race is only completed when you successfully bring the car to the finish line. In race mode, you can invite your friends to play with you. Besides, the diverse cars are also a success in the game. You can choose for yourself 1 of 20 cars in the garage such as Huracan, Prancing Horse, Wrenched, Countash, and more. However, to have these super-cool cars, you need to trade some stars and wrenches.