Cube Dash

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The overview of Cube Dash

The game rules

Participate in Cube Dash to check your skills when conquering the race track. Navigate your character to go further and gather many coins to win.

Have you ever manipulated cute cubes printed with small animals? In the game, you will experience controlling your cute little character. You will support it to be able to go as far as possible.

Your mission is to jump over many obstacles on the track. They are cubes with many spikes. If you crash into them, you will lose instantly. You need to be careful to get more scores. The further you go, the more your score increases. Try to break your own record. Good luck.

Moreover, you also need to move quickly because the tracks will collapse as soon as you pass them. You can only keep moving forward. Are you brave enough to take on this challenge?

Control the cube

To control your character, you need to press the left mouse to jump over many obstacles. If you want to jump higher and further, you can hold the left mouse button. Try to win.

Some traits of Cube Dash

Some kinds of obstacles on the track

Besides the cubes filled with spikes, you will face a series of other obstacles such as birds, and gaps. They appear and bring challenges to you. You are not allowed to jump in the face of birds. You will collide with them and lose your life. These gaps will trap you. You need to jump over to dodge them immediately.

Some characters

The game offers a lot of characters. They are cute pets. To unlock all of them, you need to reach the required score. There are some characters that require you to reach 4000 points to unlock. Are you a master of this game? Will you get 4000 points?