Cut The Rope: Magic

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The rules of Cut The Rope: Magic

Cut The Rope: Magic is a lovely and fun puzzle game that you will be into. Use your skillful fingers to cut a straight line and feed it to Om Nom to level up.

If you are a big fan of the cut the rope game series, you can not miss this version. In this game, you will transform into a lovely and mythical creature which is Om Nom. It has a rope that is hung up above Om Nom. Take advantage of the terrain to guide the candy fall in the right direction. Sometimes, you need to use supporting items to eat candies easily. If your candies fall down, they will be broken. At that time, you need to try the game again. You can take 3 stars for each level. Try to guide the candies go through the stars. If you finish a level, you can keep going with the next levels. It has many levels for you to play. Try your best to win all levels with all the stars.

Essential information about Cut The Rope: Magic

How to eat the candies

Computer: Use the mouse to play

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on your screen

All the levels

This game has multi-levels designed as a page of a magical book. There are 6 pages in the book including sky castle, mushroom land, magic forest, mystery cave, ancient library, and stone temple. Each page will have over 10 levels to overcome. The levels will have distinctive difficulties and different challenges. You need to finish a small level to move to the next level. Each level gives you 3 stars. You have the chance to transform into a creature at each level such as a bird, a rat, a fish, a ghost, and a dinosaur.

Supporting items

You can have some supporting items which can help you in the game. For example, a bubble can help you fly up. A bar can push you when you touch it. A pump can blow your ball when you tap into it.