Cut The Rope: Time Travel

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Some basic things about Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Go on a trip back in time with Om Nom in Cut The Rope: Time Travel. Your aim is to cut the rope to help Om Nom eat candy and collect all the stars.

It's time for you to dip into this fun and simple journey. You need to overcome 6 historical periods. Each period will have some small levels. You need to help 2 Om Nom eat all the candies. Slide across to cut the rope. Then, you need to deliver the candies to feed all Om Nom. Keep continuing with other levels. Be careful with obstacles on the box. If the candies are broken, you need to try the level again. Try to guide candies to go through all the stars to collect them.

Historical periods of Cut The Rope: Time Travel

In this game, you will pass through 6 periods from Stone Age, and Industrial Revolution to Disco Age. Each period will be divided into some small levels. You need to win a level to move to the next one. The challenge and theme of each period will be distinctive. At a high level, you need to deal with many obstacles. Each level gives you 3 stars. Try your best to conquer all the levels and take all the stars.